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Success in the classroom and beyond

Together we envision a world where every child, regardless of challenges, not only thrives academically but discovers boundless possibilities for a future filled with promise and inclusion.

That’s why we create opportunities for real-world experiences that help students build confidence in their communities and social groups.


“We love Austin Centers and their staff. They have my child’s best interest at heart and its evident in the progress my child has made. My child enjoys going to school and consistently has great experiences that contribute to his learning.”

Parent/Guardian of an Austin Centers Student

Where students can experience more

Our students enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities and real-world learning opportunities.
Animal Therapy

Interactions with animals help students learn compassion and responsibility.

Outdoor Play Areas

Sports courts and playgrounds offer plenty of opportunities for physical exercise and socialization.

Jump Start Programs

Students learn about (and experience) what it takes to succeed in the workplace.

Volunteer Opportunities

We take our students out into the community and encourage them to get involved.

Sensory Rooms

Dedicated spaces to help students feel calm, relaxed, and ready to focus.

Culinary Experiences

Students can learn real-world skills, including cooking, in a safe and controlled environment.

Austin Centers eliminates barriers

Focusing upon the special education and behavioral health needs of the student, Austin Centers promotes success by providing an authentic child-oriented program. The environment is highly structured, safe, supportive, and goal oriented.

Educational Programs

Learn more about our core programs, specifically designed to help exceptional students thrive in the classroom. 

About Our Programs

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to help turn our students into well-rounded members of the community.

About Our Services