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Animal Therapy / Education

At Austin Centers, we have a unique opportunity to provide animal therapy, human/animal interactions and first-hand learning in our animal education programs.

Students experience empathy and learn compassion through the human/animal bond

We have a collection of animals used for education and therapy that number about 40 different species.


“Nathan has made a lot of improvement this year. His teacher and the staff always make time to resolve any issue, planned or unplanned. Mr. Luke and the animal program have influenced Nathan and encouraged him with his passion and Mrs. Tyra and Ms. Dawn provide an emotionally safe environment with academic challenges and character responsibility. The office staff is helpful and welcoming.”

Parent of an Austin Centers Student

Students love all the animals!

There are over 15 teachers that have 20 different animals in their classrooms! Students learn how to care for animals at Austin Centers through the weekly programs.