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Only the best is good enough for our students!

Because we serve the best students in the world, we must have the best teachers and therapists on earth!

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Staff Details

The average tenure of our certified staff is 7 years, with some of our teachers/therapists having joined our Austin Centers team over 25 years ago. Furthermore, all Austin Centers staff members are trained in CPI (Crisis Prevention and Intervention), Trauma Informed Care, Positive Behavioral Supports, along with being certified in CPR and First Aid. The ratio of teachers to students depends on the program. For example, for our Exceptional Student Program, Austin Centers maintains 1 teacher for 10-12 students. In the Rising Stars Program, 1 teacher for 8-10 students and 1 teacher for 5-7 students in our Step Ahead Program for students with intellectual disabilities. Each classroom is also equipped with multiple Therapeutic Support staff, allowing us to maintain a staffing ratio of 1 trained staff member for every 3 students.

Multi-disciplinary team leads our mission

Staffed by trained Special Education Teachers, Special Subject Area Teachers, Behavior Coaches, Assistant Teachers, Counselors, Clinicians, and Psychologists, Austin Centers’ instructional programs maximize student learning, comprehension, and retention.

Educational Programs

Learn more about our core programs, specifically designed to help exceptional students thrive in the classroom. 

About Our Programs

Other Services

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to help turn our students into well-rounded members of the community.

About Our Services