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Focused Behavior Intervention FBI

When a student receives an out of school suspension, that is when they need us the most.

An alternative to suspension that works!

Austin Centers offers a program designed to provide interventions and support for students in the public and charter schools who have been suspended because of severe behavioral infractions or other issues. The program serves both general education and special education students. The school leadership team or the multi-disciplinary team determines the number of days that the student is assigned to the program and the specific criteria the student must meet to return to their public or charter school.

The FBI program provides a highly structured environment in which students have very limited privileges and must earn their way back to their public or charter school classrooms based on their completion of academic work and their ability to exhibit appropriate classroom behaviors.


How can my child attend FBI?

All students must be referred by their district or charter school. Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the program prior to referral.


“Very pleased with your program. Especially pleased with the school psychologist and with the Focused Behavioral Intervention (FBI) program and staff.”

Special Education Coordinator
Unified School District

What is FBI

The students’ day consists of bringing schoolwork from their home school teachers, quietly sitting at their desks, and completing their assignments. The emphasis of their time in FBI is to demonstrate the following behavioral expectations.

Daily Assessment

This data sheet serves to track the behaviors of the students while in the FBI program. Generally, students must earn a total of 60 points per day and the school district or charter school will establish the criteria for the student’s return to the home school.