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Exceptional Student Program

This program is designed to serve students with an Emotional Disability or students that are experiencing behavior difficulties as a result of their disabilities.

Each student is accepted for their individual needs and are accommodated

Within the program are individual programs in Elementary, Middle School and High School. Upon enrollment, students are given a fresh start and are greeted with unconditional acceptance. A professional team consisting of a state certified special education teacher, and therapeutic support staff instructs each class of students. This team of professionals implements the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and builds an instructional and behavioral plan for each student based upon the goals and objectives of the IEP.

Students are educationally evaluated by the teacher when they enter Austin Centers and instruction is provided according to the needs of the students. Teachers identify any academic areas in need of remediation and utilize specific materials or programs to improve competence in those areas. The general curriculum is aligned with the State of Arizona educational standards, which dictate specific skills to be mastered at each grade level. Instruction is delivered individually, in small groups and in class groupings.


“We are impressed that issues that arise are dealt with promptly and professionally. Brianne is an excellent teacher and her instincts are spot on. It is refreshing to deal with staff with common sense and respond to challenges as we would at home. Brianne anticipates potential problems and tries to manipulate the environment to avoid them. After 2 years of daily phone calls from other schools it is a huge relief to know things are under control.”

Parent of an Elementary Student

What makes students so successful

The teachers are absolutely committed to academic progress. Instruction is modified and individualized for each specific student.

Let’s reach our goals together

Students obtain 1.5 years growth in reading, writing, language and math in a 10 month school year. Positive behavioral choices with reliability and consistency and utilize effective strategies to control behavior.

Will the program help my child?

YES! Students’ behavior dramatically improves and most students love school for the first time.


Designed to enhance the development of younger students through academic and social growth.

About The Program

Middle School

Focus is placed on assisting each student to meet his or her academic, social, emotional, and behavioral goals.

About The Program

High School

Staff will model enthusiasm in the areas of thinking, learning and doing and will consistently maintain high expectations and standards.

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Jump Start/Career Services

Provides “hands on” training to develop employable skills and prepare for the future.

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