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Empowering bright futures: transforming lives, one student at a time

Our Vision: To ignite a brighter tomorrow for every child and youth, regardless of their struggles, by providing unwavering support, world-class education, and a nurturing environment. Together, we’ll empower 100,000 young minds to thrive academically and conquer their behavioral & developmental challenges, ensuring a future filled with endless possibilities and boundless potential.

A fresh start for every student!

Austin Centers is a multifaceted special education program, designed specifically for students with emotional disabilities, autism, intellectual disabilities, specific learning disabilities or other educational challenges. Austin Centers currently serves over a thousand students per year from more than 100 school districts and charter schools on all our campuses.

Older student coaching younger student
Our Commitment

When a student is enrolled at Austin Centers, we want each student to have a fresh start regardless of any educational challenges the student may have faced previously.  We see our students as individuals, each with unique strengths and challenges.  It is our privilege and passion to assist each student in reaching his or her greatest potential.  


By focusing upon the special education and behavioral health needs of the student, Austin Centers eliminates barriers to success by providing an authentically child-oriented program. The environment at Austin Centers is highly structured, safe, supportive, goal oriented and therapeutic. All students are accepted with unconditional love and genuine respect by a staff committed to finding the road to success for each student. Poor choices by students are addressed immediately, fairly, and consistently in order to effect positive changes in behavior.  Austin Centers keeps class size between approximately 6 to 12 students per class depending on the needs of the students and maintains a ratio of one staff member for every 3 students.


A multi-disciplinary team consisting of educators and behavioral health professionals representing a variety of specialties has developed the mission and philosophy upon which the educational principles of Austin Centers are based. The final result of these planning efforts is a highly organized program that modifies inappropriate behaviors and develops academic skills through precise structure and individualized educational programming, with a focus on assisting each student meet academic and behavioral goals which will allow them to return to their referring public or charter school and be successful at home and in the community


Staffed by trained and certified Special Education Teachers, Behavior Specialists, Therapeutic Support Staff, Counselors, Clinicians, Health Professionals, Psychologists and Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Austin Centers' instructional programs maximize student learning, comprehension, and retention.

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Goals for Each Student

Reduce inappropriate behaviors and replace them with the social skills required to succeed in their public or charter school. Increase academic proficiency in all subject areas so that the student can successfully compete academically in their public or charter school. Integrate the student back into the public or charter school program as quickly as is beneficial to the student.


“My child was labeled violent and aggressive when he was placed. When he arrived at Austin Centers, they didn’t look at him as violent and aggressive, they saw a student that loved space and all it had to offer. They saw a student that liked to teach himself math and writing. They saw a kid who was just a kid, and it opened the world for him. I cannot thank Austin Centers enough for all they have done for my student.”

Parent/Guardian of an Austin Centers Student

Strategies for Success!

Austin Centers use extensive computerized data collection to evaluate behavioral progress and modify each individual’s program. The environment is accepting, supportive, engaging, focused and goal oriented.

Educational Programs

Learn more about our core programs, specifically designed to help exceptional students thrive in the classroom. 

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Other Services

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities to help turn our students into well-rounded members of the community.

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