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More than 60 school districts and charter schools utilize transportation services provided by Austin Centers to transport some or all of their students attending Austin Centers. On average, we transport 600 students daily.

Vans parked in a row in front of an Aces campus Kids lined up to get on the school bus

Ready to Roll

Austin Centers sub-contracts with our transportation company, Ready to Roll, to provide transportation services for special needs students on fleet passenger vans along with 2 trained staff members.  As the majority of students being transported on behalf of the district may exhibit severely disruptive or aggressive behaviors, we provide drivers and attendants who have received specific training in behavior management.


“We could not be happier that we have our son at Austin Centers. It has been a win for our family. They manage his needs so well. I think everyone who works there is an angel. Very special people.”

Parent/Guardian of an Austin Centers Student

Safety First

Even if transporting only 1 student, every van has a 2 staff member minimum to ensure the safety and well-being of the students. The second staff member is seated in the rear of the van to attend to the students and assist the driver as needed.

Women pushing a girl in a wheelchair