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Elementary Program

Designed to foster the development of young, eager learners.  Each student succeeds through his or her growth of academic achievement and social and emotional skills.

The foundation for success!

Our curriculum is aligned with the Arizona State Standards and is structured to meet the academic needs of each student. Through a supportive and nurturing atmosphere students learn to treat themselves, as well as others, with respect, dignity, and kindness.


“Austin Centers has been the best thing for Mason. He is very happy there, progressing, and well cared for. This helps him and eases our fears. We know he is safe at school. The mix of academics with field trips, park visits, and holiday focus is very helpful – a little “play” or “reward” for doing the school work. Overall, the program is awesome and we are very grateful that Mason is there.”

Guardian of a Student

Start early for a positive future

With polite communication, willing cooperation, respecting boundaries, accepting responsibility and acting safety, each student has the opportunity to grow into a dynamic individual with the motivation to achieve his or her academic and behavioral goals.