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Exceptional Schools for Exceptional Students

Austin Centers are state certified special education schools for kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) special needs students ranging in age from five to twenty-two. Austin Centers has been established to provide an environment in which the pursuit of instructional effectiveness and learning is valued for students with emotional disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism or pervasive developmental delays, specific learning disabilities, and other educational challenges.


In addition to our rigorous academic and social instruction, we strive to focus our efforts on the post-secondary outcomes of our students with transition-based learning opportunities.

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Paradise Valley

In our second year we have grown our student population by almost double.

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Austin Centers’ Flagship school was the first to open back in 1995.

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Phoenix West

Our fastest growing campus to date. Phoenix West will be undergoing expansion that should be completed for SY 24-25.

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Located just minutes from Arizona State University, Tempe opened its doors in 2007.

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Our newest campus that just opened on Jan 3, 2024 in Avondale serves a diverse population of students in K-6.

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“Austin Centers is a gift for our son! The changed behavior and willingness to at least try, where before never would accept anything may seem like a small thing, but for us it’s HUGE! Thank you to all of you! People like you all are what gives children like this a chance to be successful and impactful in their lives!”

Parent/Guardian of an Austin Centers Student