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Counseling Services

Our licensed counselors on every campus provide support for the mental and emotional well-being of the students and staff.

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Working collaboratively to help develop and meet each student’s unique needs and goals

Our experienced therapists come from diverse backgrounds of various disciplines, bringing a wealth of knowledge and collaborative approaches. The counseling program at Austin Centers uses evidence-based practices.


“Peter asks every evening if he gets to go to the Austin Centers tomorrow. The difference between the Austin Centers and his old school is like night and day. He was out of control getting hurt and not learning. He wants to go, is getting his sensory needs met and he is learning and comes home happy. His desire to learn is back. Thank you!!”

Guardian of a Rising Stars Student

How do we get counseling services?

Counseling services are available for all students on an as-needed basis or as determined by the IEP team.
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