Step Ahead Intellectual Disabilities Program

The mission of the Step Ahead program is to provide K-12 students with Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities the opportunity to become motivated, responsible and independent citizens, by teaching each student in this therapeutic program the essential life and social skills to become vital participants in our society. The goal of the Step Ahead Program is to develop students who are critical thinkers, effective problem solvers, strong communicators, and creative individuals and who are capable of adult independence. Our students will use literacy strategies with writing and technology as common practices to contribute to and compete in a diverse society. Specialized supports and services are provided to students within The ACES classrooms including: 

  • Adapted classroom materials and individualized instructional strategies 
  • Therapeutic related services 
  • Communication enhancement and assistive technology 
  • Positive behavior supports 
  • Daily living skills training 
  • Social skills training 
  • Assessments and evaluations 
  • Collaboration with community agencies 
  • Community-based vocational opportunities 
Instruction is tailored to the individual learner's needs and goal. Transition and career education services are essential components through which the students learn to live meaningful and satisfying adult lives. The Step Ahead Program emphasizes social relationships, career development, job performance, independent living, and household management.