Therapeutic Counseling and Social Skills Program

The ACES employs four school psychologists and five licensed counselors with training and experience in working with students who have special needs. Each counselor is assigned to a student population and is always a part of the integrated therapeutic team. Counselors are available to all students and families in times of emergency, crisis or for information. They participate in the Social Skills program for all students, provide evening informational meetings and group interactive sessions for all parents, and reserve portions of their schedules for counseling therapy with students who are referred through the IEP process.

The ACES provides different levels of counseling intervention for students depending upon their individual needs. All students participate in the Social Skills program developed by the counselors and implemented in the classrooms by trained staff in conjunction with the counselors. Topics such as anger management, conflict resolution, negotiation, peer relationships, and personal responsibility are part of the Social Skills program and integrated into the therapeutic program for each student. Counselors also see groups of students who have special issues and they provide career and post secondary guidance for students graduating from the high school program.

For students who need in-depth personal/educational counseling, the counselors are available to provide therapeutic counseling with students if it is deemed appropriate and included in the IEP. The counselors consult with teachers and parents to be sure that the skills learned in the counseling environment are transferring into the school and home environments.