Animal Therapy and Education


Kid with rabbit

At The ACES, we have a unique opportunity to provide animal therapy, human/animal interactions and first-hand learning in our animal education programs. We have a collection of animals used for education and therapy that number about 20 different species. They include reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and invertebrates. We have had dwarf rabbits and chinchillas born in the classroom for years, some are third and fourth generation at The ACES. Even tortoises and bearded dragons have laid eggs and hatched at our school and grown up in the classrooms. The animal program travels to all four ACES campuses and students enjoy a half hour weekly program throughout the year. Some animals used in our programs live off site and are brought to The ACES, however, all four schools have animals on campus. There are over 20 teachers that have 40 different animals in their classrooms! Students learn how to care for animals at The ACES, and can experience empathy and learn compassion through the human/animal bond.