Exceptional Student Program

A professional team consisting of a highly qualified state certified special education teacher, an assistant teacher and a behavior coach instructs each class of students at THE ACES. This team of professionals implements the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and builds an instructional and behavioral plan for each student based upon the goals and objectives of the IEP.

Students are educationally evaluated by the teacher when they enter The ACES and instruction is provided according to the needs of the students. Teachers identify any academic areas in need of remediation and utilize specific materials or programs to improve competence in those areas. The general curriculum is aligned with the State of Arizona educational standards, which dictate specific skills to be mastered at each grade level. Instruction is delivered individually, in small groups and in class groupings. Elementary classes are self-contained but regroup for reading and math instruction, middle school classes may have some departmentalization and both high school programs are departmentalized.

Here's what parents have to say:

"I believe The ACES program is very effective in meeting my student's needs. The communication between my son's teacher and myself was a very big part of his feeling capable of learning. My son feels confident, safe, smarter and a lot less stressed. Thank you Ms. Leigh and all staff who worked with my son."

-Parent of a Jr. High Student

"Everyone at The ACES is very well educated and trained at handling my daughter's situation. Without the staff at The ACES I don't know where Alexandria would be."

-T.E., parent/guardian of an Elementary Student

"I love the care and respect all of the staff gives me and my son. I love this school."

-Stephanie M., Parent of a High School Student

"Thank you for the time you all take to help and teach the students, and showing my child how to love. He wakes up looking forward to going to The ACES each morning. Thank you for understanding my child."

-Jacqueline B., Parent of an Elementary Student