About Us

The ACES is a state certified special education school for kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) special needs students ranging in age from five to twenty-two. The ACES has been established to provide an environment in which the pursuit of instructional effectiveness and learning is valued for students with emotional disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autism or pervasive developmental delays, specific learning disabilities, and other educational challenges. The ACES provides its unique instructional opportunity on four campuses, in Peoria, West Phoenix, Tempe, and Gilbert, Arizona.

The ACES was developed to meet the academic and behavioral needs of students who require more intensive special education services than can be provided within Arizona public school districts, charter schools and state placement agencies. The ACES adheres to the procedures, conditions, and standards set forth by the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services Division.

The mission and philosophy upon which the instructional principles of The ACES are based have been developed by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of educators and behavioral health professionals representing a variety of specialties. The final product of these planning efforts is a highly organized program, which modifies inappropriate behaviors and develops academic skills through precise structure and individualized educational programming.

At The ACES, We… accept responsibility, communicate politely, cooperate willingly, act safely, respect boundaries, and achieve our goals!