Focused Behavioral Intervention Program

 The ACES offers a program designed to provide interventions for students in the public schools  who have been suspended because of severe behavioral infractions or other issues and can be utilized for both general education students and special education students. Depending on the student, the school leadership team or the multi-disciplinary team as specified by the student's IEP (if applicable) determines the number of days that the student is assigned to the program and the specific criteria the student must meet to return to public school.

The FBI program provides a highly structured environment in which students have very limited privileges and must earn their way back to their public school classrooms based on their completion of academic work and their ability to exhibit appropriate classroom behaviors.

The students' day consists of bringing schoolwork from their home school teachers, quietly sitting at their desks, and completing their assignments. The emphasis of their time in FBI is to demonstrate the following behavioral expectations:

  • Follow staff directions.
  • Stay on task.
  • Take responsibility for actions and behaviors.
  • Use appropriate language and be respectful toward others.
  • Do not talk out or be disruptive to the class.
  • The tool used to determine the progress of each student is the "Daily Assessment Report." This data sheet serves to track the behaviors of the students while in the FBI program. Generally students must earn a total of 60 points per day and the school district will establish the criteria for the student's return to the district school. Daily reports on the student's progress and areas of challenge are then faxed or emailed to the home school teacher and a copy of the report is sent home to the parent indicating whether or not the student made his day and how many days of FBI are still remaining.

The goal of the program is to motivate the students to accept more responsibility for their behavior and have the students develop a greater appreciation for the home school environment.